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Rights and labour standards

Has the #MeToo movement really changed anything at the office?

One in four women say they have experienced inappropriate sexual behaviour at work, according to Statistics Canada’s Survey of Sexual Misconduct in the Workplace. The study, released in early August 2021, reveals that harassment is still very much in the workplace, even in the age of the # MeToo movement. Inappropriate comments, dirty jokes, unwanted […]

Career management

Restaurants: the Advantages of Large Chains

Large restaurant chains employ workers of all ages, from students to experienced workers. Even if the task might seem repetitive, working in restaurants such as Saint-Hubert, A&W or McDonald’s has real benefits.   Flexibility and mobility Due to the long opening hours and hiring of young students, the large chains have developed a good culture […]

Jobs search

The Highest Paid Part-Time Jobs

Part-time work does not necessarily mean minimum wage or boredom. Both for students and experienced workers, this type of job can be interesting… and even lucrative. The Indeed job website has identified 10 of the highest-paid part-time positions in Canada that you don’t always think about when seeking a way to earn a livelihood: • […] network