Four tips for living the digital nomad life

More and more people are swapping the 9 to 5 for a flexible job that lets them travel while working. Hello digital nomads! Here are four tips for adopting this lifestyle.

1. Be adequately prepared
Before buying your plane ticket, some planning is required. This is one of the main pieces of advice from beauty journalist and translator Mariève Inoue, who settled in Japan for a month while continuing to go about her professional activities. “I was well prepared, so I didn’t have any nasty surprises,” she recalls.

Preparation begins, among others, with the choice of destination. Mariève Inoue opted for a city she knows well for having studied there, Tokyo, but the digital nomad lifestyle also lets a new country be discovered. This is one of the advantages of the method.

2. Find lodging that meets your needs
It is easier than ever to find an apartment for short term rental – thanks to the Airbnb’s of the world! However, your criteria may vary if you are looking for a pied-à-terre where you will only sleep during the holidays or a home where you will spend several hours each day in front of your computer.

“I made sure to find an apartment that was equipped with a good chair and work table,” says Mariève Inoue. To save money and make your life easier, also make sure that the rental includes internet access.

3. Keep in touch with your customers
If you are thinking about going into exile for a while, don’t forget to warn your customers and, most importantly, reassure them about your professionalism. Time differences could also require you to review your methods of communication, or even to be more precise when arranging a telephone appointment.

“Because there are 13 hours difference between the time in Japan and Quebec, I realized I had to be very clear in my communications,” says the freelance journalist. She also suggests activating the “time zone” function on your smartphone.

4. Network before leaving
Being prepared is good, but knowing people in the place is even better! Don’t hesitate to contact people in your network. Who knows, perhaps a former colleague could give you some ideas to explore: the best cafés for remote working, neighbourhoods to avoid, hidden treasures to discover… The experience will be even more rewarding!

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