Profitable Part-Time Jobs

Crossing guard, waiter, private tutor – there are many part-time jobs that pay more than the minimum wage. Here is a quick overview…

Waiter or bartender

It’s well-known – a waiter at a very busy restaurant or bar can in one evening collect a plump sum in tips. Two shifts per week in one of these popular establishments and your portfolio is well stocked. But you will have to combine speed, courtesy, interpersonal skills and efficiency.

Advertising or marketing copywriter

Do you have strong writing skills and can write quickly? Some companies or advertising agencies will decidedly loosen their purse strings to ensure that their different needs are provided for: brochures, web content, newsletters, radio or TV advertising texts. Get in touch with your contacts and take advantage of the flexibility offered by these freelance writing tasks.

School monitor or crossing guard

Here are jobs that only require a few hours of your day and are generally paid more than $15 per hour. “If you are still a child at heart, but have a watchful eye, this is for you,” Nathalie Cloutier tells us, a proud crossing guard of a small tightly know community.

Private tutor

“Giving home remedial classes was the best part-time job during my university studies,” recalls Xavier Kronström Richard. For this type of service, or to convey your knowledge to a motivated student in a particular field, you can command up to $20 or $30 per hour.

Call screening agent or 9-1-1 dispatcher

Armed with your good judgement, your empathetic ear and your ability to withstand stress, you could be an excellent emergency services dispatcher. Part-time positions are offered at an hourly wage of $17.

Arbitrator of grievances and disputes

You need to be adequately trained to exercise this profession which requires good knowledge of labour law, but, as Michaël Maltais says, a student for the labour relations certificate, “it’s a job filled mostly by part-time workers who are well paid.”

Employee of the Federal Public Service

Students have access to many interesting positions in the public service through the Federal Student Work Experience Program. It’s not only related to office work – you could work, for example, in a national park or on an agricultural project.

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