The Best Jobs for Remote Working

In these times of confinement, remote working is required as a solution to continue to earn a living despite voluntary or mandatory isolation, which could last for several months. Fortunately, there are some unexpected jobs that lend themselves well to remote working. Here they are.

Virtual assistant

These are sometimes also called telesecretaries. This occupation is being sought after more and more. There are a variety of tasks: answering emails, writing newsletters, creating content, managing the calendar and other related tasks.


Even before the schools were closed, teaching online let many people make ends meet or pay their rent. The demand is even stronger today. Parents are seeking to help their children at home and internationally many people are hiring online tutors to take language courses (English or French, for example).

Video editor

By creating a portfolio to showcase your skill in video production, you could win assignments with individuals or businesses, as a self-employed worker. There is a high demand for web content creation, and this expertise comes at a price. However, you will have to be ready to network (even virtually) to make yourself known. Some people start with low-priced contracts to diversify their service offering and build their network of customers.


Software programmer

Software programmers are in demand on the market, and well paid. The work consists of creating and testing software, as well as working to resolve technical problems. Obviously, these tasks can easily be done remotely, while staying in touch with other colleagues in the industry to keep up with the latest innovations.

Online customer service representative

You know the chat boxes that pop up when you enter an online business’s website? You could be the person behind it! Several companies hire remote representatives to carry out customer service. The job requires good listening skills (even virtual!), fast typing speed and high writing quality.

Accounting clerk

Interestingly, the work of an accounting clerk, including bookkeeping, does not require an accounting degree. Strong organizational and mathematical skills can make you the assistant of a finance professional. This collaboration can easily take place remotely, making it a job of choice for teleworking.


There are many job opportunities for those who want to get into transcription: interview verbatim, conference summary, meeting minutes, medical transcription, etc. Quick keyboarding as well as mastering spelling and grammar are essential as well as a good capacity for concentration.


Who knows, confinement might put you on a new professional path!

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