About Part-time.ca

Since 2005, Part-time.ca has specialized in publishing part-time jobs. A member of the Jobs.ca Canadian network of specialized websites, Part-time.ca posts hundreds of job offers across the country. It covers jobs as varied as administrative support, finance and accounting, banking and insurance services, the retail trade, computers, real estate, the engineering professions and even pharmaceuticals.

Part-time.ca has quickly become essential for professionals wishing to pursue their career with this format of work time. Businesses such as RBC, Xerox, Pfizer, ADT, Allstate, Fairmont, … regularly use Part-time.ca to build up their staff. These recruiters appreciate finding a pool of specific candidates who are seeking this type of opportunity.

Whether you are a representative, receptionist, project manager, sales consultant, technician, accountant, you will easily find part-time job offers, for the most part exclusive and targeted.

A full section is dedicated to job search and provides articles and advice fully designed for candidates seeking part-time jobs: can we consider a part-time career, what are the regulations specific to this type of contract, understanding the advantages and disadvantages or part-time before choosing this type of work, what sectors have the largest number of part-time offers in Canada, etc…?

Part-time.ca is also a valuable tool for career management. Every day, its blog and practical advice will help you test whether you are cut out for part-time jobs, check whether an organization is right for you before you start, present the testimonials of other professionals who have experience, and thanks to the news roundup you will always be informed about the latest world news about part-time work.

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