Tools and resources to find a part-time job

You will find here tools and resources to help you find a part-time job, apply on part-time jobs, prepare for a job interview, assess your skill set, and much more.

Part-time job market

For about 20 years, changes in the proportion of part-time workers have generally been inversely proportional to employment growth, and it has never stopped growing. The growth was particularly strong amongst the young population. And in the current social context, part-time workers are definitely of interest for recruiters. But can we do a part-time career, how does the law protect part-time workers, and what are drawbacks and advantages of part-time work.

Part-time work, let's talk about it

Share candidates' and recruiters' part-time experience See how health, restaurant, callcentre and retail companies can be flexible to allow their employes to balance the various aspects of their life. And read four interviews made with part-time workers: how did they find their part-time job, what are the pros and the cons, what does a part-time job involve...

Part-time work: is it made for you?

Part-time work can sometimes be a solution for students to get an income. But studying and working part-time can be quite challenging and a question of priorities

Tools to apply to a part-time job

Resumés templates, cover letters and useful tips to prepare hiring interviews, and convince the recruiters. How to write a good resume as a student applying to a part-time job, or when returning after a parental leave?

Working from home is your dream?

Part-time work can sometimes be a solution for people who want to work from home.. If this option is your dream, it is important to be aware of the current regulations and to use your common sense to avoid scams. network