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Overhaul of the Canada Labour Code: Towards Better Protection of Part-Time Workers

The Canada Labour Code, dating from the 1960s, needs to be modernized. This is the finding of an extensive consultation carried out by the federal government with groups of workers, unions and private sector employers subject to federal regulation. An overhaul is therefore being prepared to adapt to the new realities of the world of […]

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Retired… to part time

After a 40-year career as a manager in well-known financial institutions, Ginette retired… to work better part time! Like her, many retirees decide to stay active in the labour market. On Boulevard des Laurentides in Laval, Ginette is beaming as she is busy advising customers of the Au féminin boutique. This former manager in the […]

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Why Are There More Women Working Part Time?

The trend does not seem to be disappearing: in Canada, there are still three times as many women as men who have a part-time job. Why? In Canada, there are more and more women in the active workforce, and they are now more educated than men. Yet in 2015, 76% of Canadian workers working 30 […]

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Flexible Work – Better Jobs and Better Salaries for Women

Flexible work is an asset for effective working time, for productivity, for reduction of wage inequality between the sexes, as well as between women with different family situations. Balance between private and professional life According to a study from the University of British Columbia, flexible work hours reduce the wage gap to 68% between women […]

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Working in a Call Centre, the Ideal Job to Make Ends Meet

Flexible hours, attractive salaries, reduced drudgery – working in a call centre has several advantages for people looking for extra income. Adapted schedules Whether you want to work part time or full time, the main advantage of working in a call centre is the time flexibility that it offers. For Ernst, a 25-year-old student who […]


Is a Bartender Diploma a Good Idea?

With the new attraction for mixology, bars are finding new life and bartender’s qualifications are developing. To demystify the vast world of alcohol, several schools have been started. But what exactly do they offer? Previously considered as a simple student job, where the tasks consisted of mixing only one type of alcohol and a liqueur, […]

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Combine Work and Studies? It’s Something to Think About!

By desire or necessity, quite a few students choose to work at the same time as studying. However, juggling work and studying can interfere with academic success, a study published by the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation reveals. Experts have observed a negative correlation between the number of hours worked and academic results obtained – the […]

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Accumulating Jobs for Better Professional Growth

For some people, accumulating jobs and living with atypical schedules is a question of survival, while for others it is their ambition and personal interests that leads them to choose this lifestyle unlike others. Portrait of passionate workers. Multiplying professional activities out of financial necessity is not new, but for many this practice is now […]

Rights and labour standards

Working Part Time While Unemployed

Under certain conditions, it is possible to work part time while receiving unemployment benefits. This is a good way to return to the job market smoothly. Explanations. Whether it is to gain experience, keep skills up to date or avoid blanks in your CV, working part time during a period of unemployment can be a […]

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Do You Know About Work Sharing?

An overloaded schedule, finding it hard to spend time with your family… Juggling work and family life can sometimes be complicated and affect the morale and even the health of your employees, as is revealed by a study conducted by Quebec’s Institut national de santé publique. Combining the two and achieving equilibrium is still possible, […]

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Part-time for executives – does it exist?

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about flexible hours, a symptom of the search for a better work-family balance. However, although some workers have opted for this type of schedule, the trend appears to be taking hold rather gingerly among managers… Little supply At this time, you only need to make […]

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Profitable Part-Time Jobs

Crossing guard, waiter, private tutor – there are many part-time jobs that pay more than the minimum wage. Here is a quick overview… Waiter or bartender It’s well-known – a waiter at a very busy restaurant or bar can in one evening collect a plump sum in tips. Two shifts per week in one of […]

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