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Not to be missed

Unplugging from work ! Time for vacation has published a list of 10 tips for forgetting all about work, to help you unplugging from work and take full advantage of your vacation In this era of smartphones, portable computers and iPads, it’s difficult to resist the temptation to check your messages at any time, wherever you are. With these wonderful, convenient new […]

Company life

Integrate your new employer

 Well there you go, you have signed your contract and you will integrate your new employer with new responsibilities and a new team on Monday morning: meeting 8.30am. Although you have been selected from among numerous candidates and you have shown good qualities in the interview, remember that the game doesn’t end there…on the contrary.  […]

Company life

Are you prone to procrastination?

Almost nobody can escape it. At one moment or another, whether working at the office or in our personal business, we all succumb to the temptation of putting things off until tomorrow, but how can we resist it? Right before Christmas, while surfing on the Internet looking for gift ideas, I came across an article […]

Career management

Mothers of young children dream of working part time

Balancing work-life can be difficult for parents of  young children, indeed, in the U.S 62% of mothers dream of working part time. Women today account for close to half the labour force in the U.S., vs. 38% in 1970. Most Americans (75%) reject the idea that women should return to a more traditional role, and the […]

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