Part-time job market

For about 20 years, changes in the proportion of part-time workers have generally been inversely proportional to employment growth, and it has never stopped growing. The growth was particularly strong amongst the young population. And in the current social context, part-time workers are definitely of interest for recruiters. But can we do a part-time career, how does the law protect part-time workers, and what are drawbacks and advantages of part-time work.

Part-time: advantages and drawbacks

Part-time work plays a crucial role in the Canadian job market. It allows employers to adapt their activities to new and more demanding times. It also provides new opportunities to those who do not want or who have not found full-time work. Its few standards make some fear an overall weakening of the system. In […]

Part-time: what does the law say?

Part time work is a relatively recent phenomenon. It is the consequence of a work world that is more demanding of workers in terms of mobility and flexibility. Today, both supporters and detractors of part time work agree that it is now an integral part of the Canadian working landscape. Several federal and provincial labour regulations determine […]

Older workers: harness your experience

The typical profile of a part-time worker can be surprising. Often, one thinks it applies to just students or mothers, but nowadays, many part-timers are older workers.  OLDER WORKERS MORE NUMEROUS                        According to Statistics Canada, more than one third (38.3%) of part-time workers in 2016 were 45 […]

Part-time work: the sectors that are hiring in Canada

Employment in Canada has increased during the last 12 months (+1.8%, + 317 000 jobs between June 2016 and 2017). This mostly results of increases in full-time work, and this trend continues for several years. However, some sectors, such as services, favour part time contracts, which provide unparalleled flexibility in response to market fluctuations.  With the […]

Part-time career: myth or reality

For some, working part-time is a way to get some extra money. For others, it’s their primary activity and source of income. But can you really have a part-time career? The nature of part-time work suggests at first that no, these jobs were not intended for a career. They are marked by being flexible. From one day to […] network