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Headquarters: Burlington, Ontario
Year of creation: 1943 (in Sweden) - 1976 in Canada
Type of company: public enterprise
Activity sector: retail

Ikea is a furniture and decoration retailer founded in Sweden in 1943, whose concept is based on self-service and kit furniture, with the primary aim of lowering costs. Ikea products are marked by the image of their economical and simple founder, and their strong Swedish identity, in the name of their products, while national colors reflect in the logo. Ikea has 340 stores around the world, and its catalog is distributed to 220 million copies, making it the third most published book in the world

Ikea has more than 10,000 employees around the world. Ikea began operations in Canada in 1976, had 5 stores in the early 2000s, and enjoyed incredible growth and instant success. With 13 stores, picking centers and pickup points across Canada, multiple functions are available at all levels, though the strategic functions of the multinational are still in Sweden, and designers products are also Swedish. There are various professions behind every Ikea product: sales, marketing, interior design, store management, e-commerce, but also, transport, purchasing, logistics, design, engineering, quality, project management, sustainable development. Regardless of the position held, Ikea has a strong sense of belonging among its employees and relies on their positive attitude and enthusiasm. The company encourages its employees to fill a variety of positions, locally or abroad, and promotes training and development.

Working environment
At Ikea management is close to employees, the familiarity and parity of rigor. There are eight levels between the Group Chief Executive Officer and a store employee. And the organization is standard for each store: under the director of the store are the department heads: human resources, administrative (business navigation operational manager), restaurant (IKEA food manager), the sales team, assisted by employees. For the sales department, the managers of the different product families (the shopkeepers) are present in each department. The level of wages and benefits is such that 80% of employees are satisfied

Corporate culture
Because it is the third largest consumer of wood in the world, Ikea has placed sustainable development at the heart of its priorities. The wood of its furniture is certified by a sustainable forest management label, and the company has partnerships with WWF and Greenpeace, and a foundation for reforestation. Some of its stores and distribution centers rely on green and renewable technologies in their day-to-day operations, and Ikea also seeks to empower its consumers through energy programs (electric car rental, 'Give your furniture a second life').
Ikea is one of Canada's "greenest" employers  Ikea has committed through its Code of Conduct not to solicit suppliers who do not respect the rights of workers, their right to associate in a union or to employ children. The chain of stores has raised funds for the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) through the sale of some of its products Ikea announced the marketing of products made by Syrian refugees in 2019.

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