The best side work

Finding work to make extra income is good, but it’s better to win by combining usefulness and fun. Here are eight jobs that don’t feel like work and increase revenue. 

1. Tutor

Let out your inner teacher, help students of all ages who are coping with their math equations or struggling in French.You can earn fifteen to forty dollars an hour while having the satisfaction of contributing to their improved grades.

2. Teacher 

Your love for yoga, the kitchen, or piano pays better than you think. While teaching what you know, you can mix work and the pleasure of practising your favourite hobby. On the other hand, if everyone is giving music courses on Kijiji, teach yoga or fitness classes at a gym requiring specific training to ensure their client’s safety.

3. Gardener

Working in the sun is more enjoyable than being trapped in the office. If you have a green thumb,  offer your gardening services to your neighbours by mowing their lawns or trimming their hedges.All while getting paid for being outside.

4. Artisan

Internet platforms, like Etsy, that let you sell crafts are a good option for people gifted at jewelry making or sewing who want to increase their income. 

5. Seasonal worker

Spend your December weekends selling pines or toys that delight people who enjoy the Christmas frenzy. During the summer, there are numerous parks, pools, ice-cream makers, and canoe renters looking for labour to cope with their festival clientele. Earn extra income in shorts and flip-flops on the lakefront; it’s always more enjoyable than being in a windowless factory.

6. Pet-sitter

Turn a profit on the time spent walking the puppy or to the park everyday by becoming a dog walker. It’s an activity that can be done before or after the workday for ten to fifteen dollars an hour. Other possibilities for animal lovers are to keep our four-legged friends company while their owners are absent. Some pet-sitters welcome animals in their home, while others visit to feed and play with them. 

7. Photographer

Numerous occasions: marriages, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate and sports events need to be immortalized by good snapshots. This is an excellent opportunity to pay off your high-quality camera while quenching your passion and filling your wallet.

8. Freelance journalist

You’re curious and like to write? Offer your services as a freelance journalist by writing articles for the local journal or magazine. Make extra income by covering passionate subjects or interesting events. 

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