Changing Jobs – Is This the Right Time?

In the age of mobility, workers no longer hesitate to change jobs to get a promotion, a better boss or a higher salary. But do they always choose the right time? Here are some questions to ask before thinking about quitting your job.

“Leave or stay” is the question professionals ask who seek the services of career coach Ghislaine Bousquet. “Leaving is not always the solution,” she says. “The first step is to take stock of your dissatisfaction and reopen the communication channels with your current employer. You have to know how to put your grievances to the right person.”

By communicating your expectations clearly to the employer, you will quickly discover if there is still a place for you in the company. Is there room for progress, new responsibilities? “It’s possible that the company is too small to meet your professional ambitions. The employer should then understand your desire to continue your career in another organization.”

Well rooted, well surrounded

Changing jobs is a transition that requires a lot of energy as well as a good dose of adaptation. “If you have a family, it’s preferable to make sure that you have their support,” warns the coach. “You will have to learn new skills, which will require additional effort for a certain period of time.”

You also have to be well grounded, both psychologically and financially, because any transition has its share of uncertainty. “You may not get the same social benefits and the same job security in the new position.”

Ghislaine Bousquet nonetheless advises not to be paralysed by the fear of change. “It’s preferable to approach the situation rationally, by making a list of the advantages and disadvantages. When you have a picture of the situation and get into action, there are many fears that evaporate on their own.”

Seeking moments of calm

Is there a better time of the year to look for another job? “It all depends on which industry you are in,” the coach responds. “Some organizations are constantly facing labour shortages, so there are no good times to speak of…”

Ghislaine Bousquet points to calm periods, “In some industries, summer can be a good time. The pace is slowing down, so employers have time to step back and look at their staffing needs. It might be the right time to approach them!”

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