The Art of Standing Out in a Part-Time Job

Does a part-time employee have fewer opportunities for advancing in a company? Not if he follows these avenues!

Mention your goals
Do you want to manage a team, have more responsibilities or work in a specific department? Upon joining the company, it is in an applicant’s best interests to clearly state their interests to their superiors. This way, they are likely to keep this information in mind if a new position opens up.

Show enthusiasm
Every shift is an opportunity to make a point! Whether it’s showing your enthusiasm for a task, keeping a smile on your face despite a difficult day, offering help or always being ready to learn, an employee can easily make a good impression with a positive attitude.

Manage stress
No question of losing your cool! No matter how serious the situation or how much of a workload, it is essential to keep calm in the workplace. If adjustments have to be made, it is in the employee’s best interests to discuss it clearly and respectfully with their employer.

Highlight your good moves
An employee has every interest in controlling their image! Without falling into bragging, he can be adept at talking about his professional accomplishments to his bosses and colleagues. By pointing up his successes, the employee is likely to attract much more positive attention.

Make yourself indispensable
Before starting in a company, the candidate must be aware of his weaknesses, but also his strengths. Fast work, exceptional diligence, bursting imagination, impressive organizational skills… By leveraging these, the employee can quickly become an irreplaceable asset for a company.

Create links
Whether or not part time, an employee has an opportunity to forge strong professional links with colleagues. If possible, it is important to participate in group lunches, accept invitations to socialize outside work, in other words to have fun during your job. These little moments can make all the difference

Keep your eyes open
Every day is a new opportunity for those who stay on the lookout. Whether it’s a position posted in another department, a new task to take on or an opportunity to suggest a new idea, it’s important to stay tuned to your workspace to be aware of the threads to propel yourself forward.

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