Students – What Type of Part-Time Work to Choose?

Whether to finance studies, gain more independence, pay rent or simply to have more pocket money, there is no shortage of reasons to start looking for a part-time student job.

Valuing your skills

Whether you have decided to go for a food-related job or a position related to your field of study, it will in all cases be a boost to your CV, since you will have experience in the world of work to put forward in future hiring interviews.

And if you choose a part-time job related to your specialization, you will have the additional opportunity to acquire relevant experience and the possibility to enhance your future skills. This will also prove your involvement and interest for the career you want to embrace, a great way to stand out from other candidates fresh out of school.

Deepening your knowledge

Holding a part-time job related to your studies will also be useful to acquire a better understanding of your field of business. The experience acquired and the practice in the field will not only let you observe the positive and negative points of your future sector, but will also be of great help if you have to choose a specialization during your course.

Building a network for tomorrow

In addition, if you choose a job related to your future career you will meet people who could be helpful in the future. Building your professional network is essential in today’s work world. Thanks to this rolodex, you could even land the job of your dreams at the end of your studies, if you are not already hired by the company that employed you in recent years!

Where can specialized part-time jobs be found?

Regardless of the target field, there are many programs in Canada to land a student job adapted to your school career and many private companies offer part-time jobs or summer jobs for students.

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