Part-Time : The Beauty to Work Three Days a Week

While a few years ago it was considered something to be endured, today part time work is becoming more and more a choice. Certain employees decide to slow down their their working pace to focus on other activities. What are the benefits to work three days a week, and what days are most appropriate?

Having time for yourself

This is one of the main benefits of part time – you may earn less in your life, but you have more time to focus on other subjects besides your career. You can enjoy those around you, look after yourself if you have chosen the pace of three days a week for health reasons, devote yourself to recreation, take the opportunity to set up your own business in a parallel activity, become active in associations, etc.

Be more efficient

Work less but better, the ideal solution when opting to work part time! This is particularly true for more experienced employees. A study has proven that after age 40, people are more effective when they work less than 30 hours a week. Beyond that, cognitive performance (memory, reasoning, perception, language, etc.) diminish and on the other hand stress increases.

Disconnect more easily

It’s well known – at present, most professionals find it hard to switch off from their work, especially office or management positions, for example. It’s hard to resist the temptation to read your emails to make sure everything is going well at work even when all is quiet at home. This disconnection is a discipline that is easier to impose on yourself when you work three days a week – you are forced to do it knowing that someone is taking over in your absence. This results in a healthier lifestyle, reduced stress and improved well-being.

What days should you choose?

Some businesses deal with long-term matters, in which case you can undoubtedly let yourself be in the office every other day (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) while your colleagues take over during your absence. In other positions, assignments are short and have to be followed by the same person from start to finish. If you find yourself in this situation, rather choose the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday option for example, to be able to complete your files all at once.

One of the main reasons for turning to part time is children. Parents who want to enjoy their offspring and limit daycare costs naturally have an interest in working on the days when their children are at school and staying home to look after them the rest of the time.

If you have chosen to work three days a week to be able to travel, it’s best to work on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to take advantage of long weekends.

In the end, it all depends on your motivations, opportunities and negotiations with your employer and the type of job you have.

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