Accumulating Jobs for Better Professional Growth

For some people, accumulating jobs and living with atypical schedules is a question of survival, while for others it is their ambition and personal interests that leads them to choose this lifestyle unlike others. Portrait of passionate workers.

Multiplying professional activities out of financial necessity is not new, but for many this practice is now a voluntary and enlightened choice. Why choose this lifestyle? Most people who adopt it agree on one thing – passion is a key element for personal and professional development. “When you are passionate, the work is not a heavy task just for paying your bills, but a playground.  When you no longer feel like getting up in the morning to start your day, what needs to be done and what actions are to be undertaken becomes seriously questioned. Life is too short,” says Frédérique Canuel, who works as a hotel community consulting manager and, until recently, an eyewear consultant.

It’s the same story with Alexandra Philibert, heading sports media Passion MLB in addition to being a creativity and marketing coordinator. She also talks about the search for balance. “For me, passion has great importance, yes, but all in balance. Each job has a less fun side to contend with, but if the rest excites me, that’s fine!”

Finding the balance

It is also because of this search for balance that Frédérique Canuel recently had to leave one of her duties, at the optician. “I was working on the weekend, and my weekday schedule was devoted full-time to my community management and hotel consulting clients. However, it was painful to juggle holidays, the optician’s schedule and that of my clients,” she recounts.

In addition to the passion that guides this choice of juggling several jobs, accumulating duties has many advantages. Some people evoke, for example, the joy of being able to carry out several projects head on, the fact of adding strings to their bow, that of socializing, expanding their network of contacts… and breaking the routine. What better to inspire anyone who likes to wear more than one hat!

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