The Highest Paid Part-Time Jobs

Part-time work does not necessarily mean minimum wage or boredom. Both for students and experienced workers, this type of job can be interesting… and even lucrative.

The Indeed job website has identified 10 of the highest-paid part-time positions in Canada that you don’t always think about when seeking a way to earn a livelihood:

Freelance translator ($28.59 per hour)

Tutor ($21.38 per hour)

Courier driver ($17.90 per hour)

Dog walker ($16.72 per hour)

Babysitter ($15.33 per hour)

Pastry chef ($15.17 per hour)

Bank teller ($16.32 per hour)

Cook ($16.14 per hour)

Barman ($13.69 per hour, plus tips)

Waiter ($13.53 per hour, plus tips)

In some cases, these jobs let you gain experience in your field of study and build on the knowledge and skills developed during the school program. Better yet, in the current context of labour scarcity, these salaries can in many cases be negotiated upwards, even among students.

Experienced workers
For others, a part-time job is wanted because it is supplemental income or a way of remaining active after retirement. “For some people it’s the ideal time to consider doing what you love and to transform a passion into a lucrative part-time job which will bring in extra income”, explains Jodi Kasten, senior director at Indeed.

More and more people are helping to mitigate the negative effects of the shortage of workers. “Indeed has found that the interest of the country’s job seekers in part-time work is beginning to increase as the age of 60 is approached”, adds Jodi Kasten. Older people are more likely to be active in the labour force for a long time, even part time, than were their peers of the same age just a few years ago.

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