Working from home: beware of scams!

Working from home: beware of scams! Whether in print, on the internet or even in the street, you may have already come across offers of working from home that promise a whopping pay for a minimal number of hours work. But beware, because if such proposals seem too good to be true, they are most likely a scam. 


These ads are sometimes real traps. They claim to be seeking home workers, but the type of work is rarely specified. They seduce candidates with promises of hundreds of dollars per day, or even tens of thousands of dollars per month. But if you respond to one of these ads you are putting yourself at risk. The email address that you supply will be invaded by spam and if you have communicated confidential information in your CV, you run the risk of being the victim of identity theft.


The golden rule of any job search is, never pay to work. There is no exception. Companies exploit candidates’ gullibility by asking you initially to make an investment to work. They explain, for example, that as a candidate you must purchase a “training kit” to upgrade yourself and integrate into the company. Alternatively, in a pyramid scheme, they ask you to purchase products that you will never be able to resell. The people running these networks are getting rich on the backs of candidates.


It is nevertheless possible to find real work at home but it is necessary to stay realistic. Companies cannot afford such attractive salaries and an ad that promises a lot but without giving details is suspect. As a general rule, if you consider a job but have doubts about its reliability, check with your Chamber of Commerce. Be careful, and above all, beware.

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